Boutique Hotels in London, England

People have lived in the area of London for at least 6,500 years. Today, it’s a busy and cosmopolitan city. You can find boutique hotels in London right on the River Thames like the Bankside Hotel. London is a collection of villages that have been absorbed into the city and different communities formed or settled in each area. So in Mayfair, you can find lots of grand residences whereas the area near the Bank of England contains old and narrow, twisting streets. But don’t forget that this is central London. Harrow in north-west London almost looks like a village.

Samuel Johnson said that anyone tired of London was tired of life. Spanning history and modernity, culture and enterprise, it’s just as true today. A short journey up the River Thames from your boutique hotel is Borough Market near London Bridge. This is an ideal destination for food lovers. Here you can find all kinds of delicious fresh foods and street food options. Also on the Thames, you can find large entertainment venues like Festival Hall and the British Museum is a short journey north. Also in central London are two massive parks: Regent’s Park (410 acres) and Hyde Park (350 acres), great ways of cooling down from London’s intensity.

London City Guide

Of all the world’s cities, London is the one that seems to live in our collective memories. Today’s London is crowded, hectic, and brimming with vitality. Yet this frenetic pace is laid over a city that is a living, breathing museum of historic buildings, arcane customs, and ancient traditions. From the discreet confines of your luxury hotel you can venture out in any direction and discover the real London simply by walking around. You could spend a lifetime exploring London: but here are ten things start off with.

Ride the London Eye.

Located on the South Bank of the Thames, beside Victoria Park, this giant wheel, with its glass pods will take you on a languid spin above the river, with Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament to your left, and the long sinuous sweep of the City to your right.

Walk along the Embankment.

The history of London and the British Empire is writ large in the sandstone walls that line the banks of the River Thames. Constructed by the ever-industrious Victorians, the Embankment lets you stroll through the city’s living history. If you keep an eye out, you’ll find monuments and plaques to all manner of quirky historic events, famous (and infamous) people, and vanished relics of Empire.

Take in the view from The Shard.

This glass and steel masterpiece of engineering and design will give you a view of London from almost 1,000 fet above street level. Regularly voted one of London’s top attractions, The Shard features and open-air gallery where you can feel the wind on your face as you try to spot your luxury hotel amid the labyrinth of the city.

Explore Hyde Park.

The “lungs of London”are a lovely place to explore in all weathers and in any season. From the graceful sweep of the Serpentine, and nearby Princess Diana Memorial, to the horsey stretch of Rotten Row and the uniquely odd Speaker’s Corner, the park is treasure-trove of monuments, sylvan glades, serendipitous fountains and leafy inglenooks perfect for picnics or rendezvous romantique.

Visit Hampstead Heath.

The “goodly prospect” of London from Hampstead Heath has been a favourite vista of monarchs and commoners for centuries. Part woodland preserve where you’ll see herds of deer and droves of pheasant, and part formal, manicured garden, this is a great place to escape the bustle of London while still remaining within the city’s limits.

A History Buff’s Paradise.

London has dozens of galleries and museums. Military historians will love the Imperial War Museum and the Cabinet War Rooms. Ghouls will appreciate the horrors of the London Dungeon; while art lovers will adore the Hogarth etchings, Turner paintings, and myriad antique treasures housed in the Sir John Soane’s museum. In tiny, hidden graveyards, such as the Garden Museum in Lambeth, you will find the graves of countless people from English history, and on hundreds of walls you will see blue plaques commemorating famous residents.

Ride the Underground.

Ever since the first section of what would become Circle Line was opened in 1863, riding London’s underground has been a favourite pastime for visitors and locals. Try to avoid peak times (7-9AM and 4-7PM) if you don’t want to be crammed in with hundreds of others. But any other time, just pick a random destination and go for a ride. The Bakerloo Line is especially good for seeing familiar parts of London and art deco station architecture.

Ride a random Double-decker.

London’s iconic, bright red buses are a perfect way to see the city without tiring your legs out. It’s great fun to pick a random bus and ride it to it’s terminus just to see what’s there…if nothing else, you can guarantee there’ll be a pub! If you choose a double-decker and sit up top, you’ll have a perfect mobile viewing platform for the price of a ticket

Walk down Whitehall.

This short walk from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square will take you through the beating heart of London’s political and social history. On the way you will pass Horse Guards, with its jet black horses and grim-faced soldiers, Number 10 Downing Street (no introduction needed), and The Cenotaph.

Shop Oxford and Regent Streets.

All of London’s most famous shops are here on these long Georgian streets, decked with bunting and flags, and crowded with shoppers. Browse in Harrods, take tea in Selfridges’, and explore the wonders of Hamleys toy store. And if you are a “dedicated follower of fashion” you can sneak down Foubert’s Place (off Regent Street) and find yourself on Carnaby Street.

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