Boutique Hotels in Hong Kong

This dynamic metropolis of crowded streets cut like canyons through mazes of Lego-block apartments, and perfect blue buildings beside the milky green waters of Victoria Harbour, sits on the doorstep of Mainland China. There is something inherently romantic about big Asian cities, and Hong Kong is a great place for an intimate urban stopover. But Hong Kong also has a secret alter ego. Step away from the frenetic crush of the city and you enter a world of lush lowlands, bamboo forests, rugged mountains and empty beaches. With this in mind, you you can easily combine some outdoor adventures with the big city fun of your Hong Kong rendezvous.

Of course, your boutique hotel might also just tempt you to indulge in slothful, stay-in-our-room-all-day indolence. But Hong Kong is a city at can’t be experienced from the 21st floor of a building. However luxurious your digs are, you and your partner will be drawn out again and again to explore the waterfronts and back alleys of the city, crossing the Fragrant Harbour on the Star Ferry, poking you noses into shops decorated with caged songbirds, and sampling the street food that entices you at every turn. And if, by chance, the city becomes too much, your hotel room awaits.

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