Boutique Hotels in Rome, Italy

When in Rome, so the saying goes, do as the Romans do. In this most ancient of European cities, life is lived to the fullest. Whether you are in Rome for a short stopover, or an extended romantic adventure, this city of echoes, illusions and yearning will leave an indelible mark on you. For centuries, poets, writers, painters and dreamers have come to Rome to soak up its history and its inspiration. And just as Lord Byron was moved to write “Oh Rome! my country! City of the soul”, you too will find inspiration whenever you step from your boutique hotel.

In Rome, you feel as though you are in the midst of a vast procession through history, and every turn brings a new vista of ancestral images that are at once familiar and exotic. When you and your amore stand in St. Mark’s Square, or stroll arm in arm along the leafy banks of the Tiber, you’ll feel as though you too are a part of Rome’s long history. So flick a coin into the Trevi Fountain and make a wish for a long and happy life, lived to the fullest together. When you are in Rome, you can do whatever you like…just like the Romans.

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