Boutique Hotels in New York, USA

The Big Apple exceeds all expectations. New York is familiar to almost everyone who has ever seen a movie, watched a TV show, or listened to a show tune. From Times Square and Hell’s Kitchen, to Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Coney Island, the city that never sleeps seems to live in our collective memories. As you wander the city, taking in the accents, the smells and the frenetic action of the streets, you can feel both at home and completely overwhelmed. But luckily, “Noo Yoik” has plenty in the way of boutique hotels that you and your partner in crime can hole up in.

Everything about New York City is an adventure. You can ride the Staten Island Ferry past the Statue of Liberty; or take a tour to Ellis Island where millions of immigrants first set foot on America. You can walk across Brooklyn Bridge for a coffee and a bagel in Brooklyn; lose yourselves in the leafy expanse of Central Park or the labyrinth of Chinatown backstreets; or catch a big yellow taxi down to watch the wolves of Wall Street on the hunt. In NYC you can stay awake all night; or wake up in the city that never sleeps. The choice is yours.

Pendry Manhattan West – New York

Pendry Manhattan West is a boutique hotel on the south-west of the world famous Manhattan Island in New York. The […]

Refinery Hotel – New York

The Refinery Hotel is a boutique hotel in what was once the Colony Arcade. The arcade opened in 1912 as […]

The Knickerbocker – New York

The Knickerbocker is at the heart of New York’s history. It’s also the first boutique hotel in the famous Times […]