Boutique Hotels in Sri Lanka

Sitting like a jewel in the aquamarine expanse of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is an island of rich rainforests, tropical cities and mysterious jungle-covered ruins. Girded by endless beaches of white sand, the hills of Sri Lanka gleam with the viridian shades of tea plantations, and sleek, dark rivers wind out through the forests to lose themselves in vast lagoons. Movie and film directors love the rich colors and bright light of Sri Lanka, and you and your sweetheart can pretend you are lovers in a film: acting out your roles in the secluded confines of your very own boutique hotel movie set.

Sri Lanka prides itself on its colonial heritage, with French, English and Portuguese influences to be found in its cities, its food and its buildings. Many of the island’s resorts are located in former colonial palaces, or in sweeping, verandahed plantation bungalows, where ceiling fans swish the air and discreet butlers hover. For lovers of adventure, you can swim with elephants in silent rivers, or climb the steps of ancient temple pyramids, where you can let your inner Duran Duran or Indiana Jones take flight. And on those warm, starry Sri Lankan nights, who knows what dreams might come true.

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