MONA Pavilions – Hobart

MONA Pavilions is a boutique hotel with a beautiful riverfront location. In the north of Hobart, it’s right on the River Derwent and is just a 30 minute drive from Hobart International Airport. This hotel has the rare privilege of being able to say that it’s on the same site as a museum.

Rather than rooms, this hotel is more like a collection of suites or apartments. Each one is named after an Australian artist or architect. They’re clean and modern, and the association with the museum enables MONA Pavilions to include exhibits from the museum in each of the pavilions.

The MONA museum’s restaurant is available for lunch each day. However, at least some of the Pavilions benefit from being able to enjoy breakfast here. There’s also a gym, sauna and pool on site. Rooms typically have their own bar holding Moorilla wine and Moo Brew beer that you can buy.

Or you could explore Tasmania to find one of its vineyards, nestled between all the parks, reserves and conservation areas. The Meehan Range Nature Recreation Area is a 15 minute drive east and with the massive Mount Wellington Park a 10 minute drive south-west. But if you’re keeping close to ‘home’ the MONA Museum is right on site.